Bitcoin Attack – A Cryptocurrency story [BOOK]

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Bitcoin Attack – A Cryptocurrency story is a book that traces the history of Bitcoin from its creation to the year 2021.

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Bitcoin Attack – A Cryptocurrency story is a book that traces the history of Bitcoin from its creation to the year 2021.

It is limited to 100 copies, 89 copies were sold on Bitcointalk, and 11 unpaid reservations are relisted here.

Each book is delivered with its Certificate of Authenticity.

The book contains a public and private BTC key under Tamper Evident Custom 3D Holograms.

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  1. Mantis Cryptos

    An excellent book that tells the history of Bitcoin in a fun and exciting way. Well worth the price and the quality is great. Definitely recommend this for anyone who is a fan of Bitcoin or cryptocurrency!!

  2. Cyberzeit

    If you are new to the world of cryptocurrencies and would like to understand the Bitcoin timeline, this book is definitely for you.
    In this book the author traces each of the most relevant events since the beginning of Bitcoin. A work of art that also has its own public and private key. A highly recommended book.

  3. Steeley

    This book is three things in one: 1. A great and fun visual history of Bitcoin. 2. A high quality book perfect for display. 3. A collectible that is likely to retain its value and appreciate.

  4. Abiky

    A great, concise Bitcoin history book that’s sure to fit in every crypto enthusiast’s collection. Whenever you’re a newcomer into the world of crypto/Blockchain tech or simply a seasoned pro, this book is for you. Everything is simply well-made. A+

  5. Pinky1234

    Bitcoin attack book so bullish to read, interesting for anyone who want to start reading about the history of bitcoin . so many important dates here to look back on time . PInky1234

  6. MoparMiningLLC

    Love the entire style of the book – very retro in my opinion. Could have used a few reviewers/proof readers but overall an awesome book!

  7. Joseph Tartaglia

    Beautifully done and well written. Came in perfect condition well packaged:)

  8. tweetious

    Great book overall!

    Well investigated contents, nice illustrations, really good printing quality & binding. This is a must-have book in every “crypto” library. Well done & congratz !!!

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